Wednesday, 16 January 2013

What does creatinine 1.85 mg/ dL mean

When doctors tell patients with kidney disease that their creatinine level is 1.85 mg/ dL, they are confused and don’t know how serious it is. In addition, Creatinine 1.85 mg/ dL also equals creatinine creatinine 163 umol/L. In other words, we can use different ways or units to express the level of creatinine. The rate between them is 88.4. For example, if a person’s creatinine is 1.0 mg/ dL, we can also say that the level is 88.4 umol/L. The normal range of creatinine is not the same in specific countries due to different labs. In China, the normal range in most cases is 44 to 103 umol/L. and we usually use umol/L to express the creatinine. In China, doctor mainly judge the stage of kidney disease according to the level of creatinine. The same goes for many other countries. Creatinine 1.85 mg/ dL equals creatinine equals creatinine 163 umol/L. Another example goes as follows: if patients have creatinine 707 umol/L, it shows that they have got into uremia stage or advanced stage of renal failure( kidney failure).
How serious when kidney disease patients have creatinine 1.85 mg/ dL or creatinine 163 umol/L? Patients have got renal insufficiency stage. Please do not worry because creatinine 163 umol/L shows that patients are in compensation stage of renal insufficiency. It means that some renal glomeruli are damaged, but other healthy ones can replace them and do their work as well as their own work. So in this stage, patients usually have no symptoms or discomfort at all. However, the damage inside of the kidney has happened really. So patients with kidney disease should also pay attention to it and take effective measures.
How about effective therapy in China? To answer this question, we should first figure out the definition of creatinine and the reasons why creatinine is high.
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  1. I have craeatin score of 1.85. I'm 69 years old. I have no obvious symtoms. I'm a fitness buff. work out 6 days a week. Have had prostate cancer.. I mysteriously lost some weight but put some back on recently.. I lost 6 lbs then put back five by over eating. Now its hard to gain. Taking edible medical marijuana for soft tissue injury. I have perodic high blood pressure. I take 20 mils of Linsinipril for it. doesen't do it's job. IMy father had heart disease & diabetes in his 50's. He passed bc of heart failure @ 75. The doc. sent me for a c.t. scan yesterday on my kidneys. Won't know result until oct 24th.. Should I be worried. I also eat sweets a little too much.

    1. you can sent you report to my email ,the appearance of high creatinine level is enough to arouse kidney disease patients’ attention. Because our kidneys have very strong compensatory ability, the creatinine level will not increase until about 40-50% of kidney function has been lost. So a high creatinine level means the severe kidney damage and poor kidney function.


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