Friday, 2 August 2013

Chinese Medicine For Creatinine 2.44 And Gfr 22

I have a problem with my kidneys. Creatinin is 2.44. GFr is 22.00% and acid uric is also high. the function of kidneys is going worse. high blood presure. please tell me whether micro chinese osmotherapy advisable and if i can perform this procedure in Germany or elswhere . i live in stuttgart. Many thanks for an immediat answer.
Your creatinine is 2.44. This level is higher than the normal range. This increase means your kidney function has been damaged almost 50%. And your GFR is 22%, this level indicates your present condition is in the stage 4 of CKD. However, your condition has not been up to the end stage. So the right and targeted treatment is very necessary and helpful. Please do not worry. I will try my best to help.
More than 95% kidney diseses are caused by the disordered immune system. This over-reaction can lead to the damage of the kidney structures and tissues. Besides, the virus antibodies show you have the HSV, EBV infection, so we can judge your kidney disease is not the streptococcal infection acute glomerulonephritis.
Besides, Considering your creatinine level more than 2, and your GFR about 22%(one month ago), we can say your present condition is chronic renal failuer, the stage 4 CKD. This is serious, if let it go on, the nephrons will decrease more, the blood and oxygen deficiency will occur, at that time you will have to depend on the dialysis.

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