Thursday, 18 April 2013

When and Why Kidney Disease Patients Are Told to Drink Less Water

When and why kidney disease patients are told to drink less water? Generally, normal people are suggested to take in 6 cups of water every day to make sure the enough amount the body needs and help discharge the toxins from metabolism such as creatinine, urea acid and urea nitrogen, etc. Especially in summer, with people are sweating, we need to take in more water so as to add the salt and other materials we lost in the sweat.
When and why kidney disease patients are told to drink less water? For those whose kidney disease is not serious, patients need not control the intake of water and take in less water. However, for those who are suffering from edema( oedema or dropsy), they are ordered to limit the intake of water. Edema is because the kidney’s filtration function is severely damaged. In this case, if we take in average amount of water, they still can not be filtrated. Patients with kidney disease will have more severe edema ( oedema or dropsy). For those with serious edema, patients even can not take in any water for the time being.
Besides controlling water, salt intake should also be restricted. It is because salt will absorb more water, thus causing retention of water and sodium, thus giving kidney more burden.
In addition, when kidney disease patients are suggested to take in less water, the intake of liquid such as soup and orange juice, etc should also be considered as water intake.
So to get rid of this condition, patients should take in effective measures as soon as possible. In Kidney Disease Hospital, we have a patient from Yemen. He came here with entire edema so that he even could not lie down and sleep well. After the systematic immunotherapy in our kidney disease hospital, the lost weight by 10 kg and the edema diminish. For more information, welcome to consult.
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